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Where the Christian faith has been practised for 1500 years


The Vale of Glamorgan was an important centre of Christianity in Britain. There was a monastery here from at least 650 AD, founded by St. Cadoc or Cadog. By the 9th century Llancarfan was a flourishing centre of learning, with the main monastic buildings just south of today's church, in Culvery Fields.

The St. Cadoc trust has been helping the community of Llancarfan since the early times, and we take pride in helping the youth and educate the community about history and religion. It's part of the culture of Great Britain.

Our name Llancarfan derives from the "stags", so the church of the stags is the place that the saint Cadoc took rest, into the Llancarfan monastery, in the Vale of Glamorgan.

Religion has been a big part of human kind, and helped originate other spirituality concepts such as online mediums, psychics, tarot, free tarot reading and mediumnity in general. The St. Cadoc Church accepts every religion and faith, making the church a safe environment for everyone.

The church is currently closed, but please visit us to view the most significant wall-paintings discovered on a British church wall in this 21st century.