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church etching

Welcome visitors! You will find an ever-growing wealth of things to do during a trip to St. Cadoc's, the historical Llancarfan valley, and the blissful Vale of Glamorgan. Sponsorship from benevolent donors, and significant funding from the Heritage Lottery Fund and Cadw, is enabling the church's re-discovery, conservation & interpretation of lost - or misunderstood - cultural treasures.

Please click on the 'Treasures' button to explore the re-emerging late 15th century wall-paintings that the Reformation banished, hopefully among the most important in Wales.

Puzzle too over our remarkable wood-carvings, still of unknown origin. Back in 1865, visitors noted that this 'elaborate but decayed screen . . . might be restored at a very moderate expense.' With your help, the 15th century screen may at last have the (far from moderate) safekeeping it deserves.

Genealogists may wish to unravel the family histories embedded in our tombstones, the earliest readable date being '1602'. The Glamorgan Family History Society has published invaluable monumental transcripts, and also our parish registers, covering dates ranging from 1619 to 1900.  Details are on their website.

This being the Vale of the Saints, accessible from the Severn shore to all comers, from Normans to Vikings to migrant Devonians and Cornish Celts, our Welsh landscape is rich with historical heritage. Follow some of the trails to its churches, castles, headlands and even pubs - and discover a Vale shaped to perfection by its histories.